How does on open an incoming port.

and can it be TCP or UTP or both?


Sorry I don’t completely understand your question, if you are trying to accept connections by a TCP/UPD protocal then create an Allow rule, allowing TCP/UPD connections coming in or out, or in/out.

I am sorry if that does not answer your question because I did not fully understand it.

Normally on most firewall program you an choose to have certain ports allowed or blocked. Or you can have certain ports allowed from specific IP address or subnets and blocked from others. That is what I mean. How would one do this with CPF


If, for eaxmple, you wanted to block inbound access from IP address via port 4321, you would set up a network monitor rule as follows;

Action : Block & Log
Direction : In
Protocol : IP (or a specific protocol if you know this info)
Source :
Destination : ANY
Port : 4321

Please bear in mind that I’m not at a PC with CPF installed at the moment and am running on memory. You may have to root around a little, but the core concepts are correct.

The “Destintion : ANY” may look a little confusing. ANY, in this case, simply means whatever PC is running CPF. Why they don’t just say “ME” instead is beyond me.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: