How does it compare?

I wonder how Trustix av compares with other av’s in detection? Does anyone know how to get this av tested at [url][/url] ? tim

I too would like to know this.

Trustix AntiVirus 2005 uses kaspersky engine and virus database. As Kaspersky is already included by in the tests as original product, they do not include Trustix AV.
So the detection strength of Trustix AV is as exactly same as Kaspersky. Trustix AV has provided option in product to view all viruses name being detected.


Are there free program updates? (i.e. Trustix Antivirus 2005 to Trustix Antivirus 2006)

Trustix Antivirus 2006 is not released. Trustix Antivirus 2005 program is upto-date. If you have installed it, you must have the updated programs and virus definations till date.

I was talking about when the 2006 version would be released if you would have to pay for the upgrade or if the upgrade would be free. But now that Comodo Antivirus has been released I expect that there will not be a future version, only database updates.

There will not be any new version of Trustix Antivirs. Comodo AntiVirus has come into product line as an AntiVirus product form Comodo. You may want to try Comodo Antivirus. Its life time free.