How does "Block all outgoing connections while booting" work? (resolved)

I have this option clicked in my preference and I would just like to know:

if it blocks all connections while booting 

if it blocks all connections except for those applications in the application monitor?

the reason I ask this is because awhile ago, after I powered-up my laptop…comodo firewall was still not up (ms says that my firewall is turned off)…AVAST suddenly prompts me that the virus definition has been updated and also there is a prompt that a windows update was available…and then after all these pop-ups comodo firewall went online ( i mean
i could now click on the config menu)

thank you in advance for any clarification… (CLY)


Your thread title is self-explanatory: “How does “Block all outgoing connections while booting” work?”. There is no application monitor during boot-time because the GUI (cpf.exe) and its component haven’t even loaded up.

I prefer to have this option enabled. However, you may want to look here, unless it works.


That’s why it was disabled by default. This option is usually for the paranoid.

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So you’re telling me it doesn’t work? I have this option enabled…and yet in that instance while booting
avast and windows update got thru and updated themselves.

But… I think avast and Windows Update initiate right after Windows have started? Then you have gone through the booting process and thus the firewall option is no longer actual?



Both the Avast updates and the Windows updates occur AFTER Windows has booted, as they both use (initially) HTTP and this can only be used if the IP stack has been initialized as part of the Windows boot process.

The firewall’s core components (the kernel level drivers) are loaded as part of the windows initialization process, and this occurs long before you or I ever see the desktop. The phrase “while Windows is booting” refers (to the best of my knowledge) to the Windows kernel and its associated drivers being initialized. It doesn’t mean when we can see the desktop.

The desktop is not Windows, it is merely the shell we use to interact with Windows. It’s just another application (called explorer.exe).

The firewall DOES block all traffic while booting. This can be verified if you have a sniffer of some sort in between your PC and your network connection.

Hope this helps,
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Hey Ewen, thanks for clearing that out. Great explanation!



Yes…thank you very much for the explanation…one satisfied paranoid user hehehehe…


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