How do you unistall CIS? [RESOLVED]

Ok i cannot find it in add remove?
its not in programs list.
There is no uninstall in cis program folder?

So then how is it removed?

If you have somehow lost the uninstaller, download the installer here and use it to uninstall.


That’s really odd. When installing CIS it should 1) create a STARt menu entry which includes an uninstall item and 2) add itself to the Add/Remove programs list.

Have you done any manual editing or do you have any other security softwae runnign that could have prevented these items being created?

Ewen :slight_smile:

no manual editing.
just installed on a persons computer who dumb clicked it to death and wanted to uninstall it and reinstall it. but there is no uninstall any where on that machine. i looked.
so i just reinstalled it and it solved all the problems caused by excessive dumb clicking.

got home checked my own install and no uninstall on that ether.

how do you use the installer to uninstall?

If you run the installer afterCIS is installed, you should get the options to “Add” components, “Repair” components or "“Remove” components.


ok i,ll give it ago next time i,m there!