How do you uninstall Windows Firewall?

I want to remove all traces of Windows Firewall in Vista and to have also permanently uninstall as well and Registry Keys and files. :-TU Would like a easy removal tool.

I have no experience from Vista, but I can tell from XP, that you can’t uninstall the Windows Firewall completely. You can however delete some very essential things. E.g. you can easily delete the GUI by deleting the Control Panel applet, in XP simply called firewall.cpl (in C:\WINDOWS\system32). You can also delete the Windows Firewall Background Service by typing sc delete [name of service] in the Command Prompt. In XP the service name is SharedAccess, so you would type sc delete SharedAccess.

I don’t know how this apply to Vista but it might be worth checking. :slight_smile:

Easiest way is “Disable” it.

I agree with the other posters. It’s far to tightly integrated to remove completely. I’d simply stop and disable the service and have done.

How? I bring up the services window and see lots of stuff listed, but not “Windows FireWall”

I have Windows 7 on one machine and XP on 3 Other Machines

And I’ve another problem too… When I installed Comodo on W7 I didn’t have ANY problems and liked it so well, I went back to my other machines and un-installed Outpost Firewall and tried to install Comodo - but it won’t - Says Outpost is STILL THERE… how/what to do???

in case someone would want to delete Windows Firewall’s service on XP computer (Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)):
do not delete it, just change its settings to start manually or disable it.

if you would ever need to use your computer as ICS machine you may need this service.

It can’t be uninstalled, just go to the security center in XP or to the Firewall icon in control panel and turn it off. I’m sure the procedure in Vista is just as easy. Trying to uninstall it can only lead to problems.

Elsiebuck. Please start your own topic in Then you will get all the attention your problems deserves.

Why do you need to delete windows firewall?
Everything runs ok for my system with Comodo and any other AV with their firewalls along with Win firewall
Windows firewall is not adequate to guard against all kinds of evil,malware, malicious website intrusions.
So third party non microsoft AV firewall is must and it’s the second line of defense when win firewall is the first and can’t guard against malicious intrusions.
But people advise to disable win firewall if another AV firewall is running i don know why.

Because you shouldn’t have more than one firewall running at the same time! You should disable windows firewall to avoid conflicts.

You should always disable the Windows Firewall if you install another one. You’re just asking for problems if you don’t. Actually a good Firewall should automatically disable the Windows one as part of it’s installation.

How about install a firewall that’s WSC didn’t detect, Should I disable Windows Firewall ?

Yes, I would say you should. Just ignore the security center warning if you are sure that the firewall you installed is working correctly.

Removing ICS and windows firewall completely will corrupt your C:\windows\security\ directory files, especiallly if you also run a registry clean after removing ICS and Windows Firewall.

This renders your windows unbootable! You then have to repair the directory from either another drive / computer / or backup.


Hi all,

I’m trying to work out if windows firewall is necessary if you have comodo (I have the free firewall and antivirus download). If not then I’ll disable it.

There are so many daily updates with vista, and I’m trying to work out whether they’re at all necessary. It really slows everything down, and again, I’m thinking it’s not important as long as you check online every few weeks for any important updates.

Any guidance on easy ways of keeping vista running smoothly would be great. I was thinking windows defender and the updates would be a good one to start with.



Comodo should automatically disable the Vista firewall, if it doesn’t you should do it manually. Having two firewalls running at the same time can cause problems and possibly cause neither one of them to function properly.

I have just come across this thread and found it useful guys.
I have been running windows 7 since it’s launch and have now decided to turn off windows firewall whilst reading this thread, no need it, I have Comodo and the two firewalls in my Netgear modem router.

Thanks .