How do you turn off CIS database update notifications?

The advanced settings for CIS 6.0 recommend automatically checking for updates to the program and database. This is logical for optimal protection with any type of security software.

However, CIS 6.0 also notifies the user of every update. While a user might wish to delay or avoid an individual program update, to protect against zero-day attacks, I can think of no reason to delay or avoid updates to the database. It is possible to set the database to update as frequently as every hour. With each update, there is a pop-up window notifying the user of the update. I did not notice these notifications during BETA testing.

These pop-up notifications must be clicked through and so can be a distraction to any current project or activity, and thus quite annoying. I’ve not used any other antivirus product that notified me of every update. There are options to notify the user of program updates and to whether to automatically download them. Why not also provide an option to automatically update the database WITHOUT any pop-up notification? ???

Is there perhaps an option to turn off CIS 6.0 database update notifications that I have been unable to locate? If there must be a notification, why not use the message area above the taskbar - quietly notify the user of the update, then just as quietly have the message disappear without having to click through a separate pop-up window?

You can’t turn of that notification. The only thing you can do is disable and manually update or change the update frequency.