How do you stop other users from changing the firewall setting?

Hello everyone,

If I allow other people to use my computer how do I stop them from accessing and changing Comodo firewall settings?

In other words, most other firewalls have password protection features why Comodo doesn’t?



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Well, you smack them on the head. ;D No, don’t do that. Many programs that don’t have password protected security, rely on the user. That is, if you have an account in Windows, you should make sure you have a log in name and password and that you are logged out when leaving it so others can’t change it. While password protecting is a nice feature, the largest portion of security falls on the heads of users. There is a saying with pc security, if you can touch it, you can own it. Meaning, if someone is malicious and smart enough, if they have access to your pc, they can get past darn near anything. So my suggestion and perhaps most obvious, don’t let others use your computer. That is my opinion and I don’t let anyone use mine. It’s not a good practice unless you can be there watching as they use it. If they do something very wrong,“illegal” it comes down on YOU not THEM. If you can’t trust them, firewall settings are the least of your problems. Just a bit of advice there.

As far as the password protect settings, a very good idea and perhaps post that in the CPF wishlist. They DO get looked at and taken into consideration. :wink:


I think that’s the best way, especially if it’s ur kids (which I think Dean mentioned in his CPF Wishlist post).

Paul, if u’d read my thought/suggestion over there, let me know what you think of that as a workaround…


Got a link? I’m too lazy too search today, lol. No sleep.

Ok, saw it, and this is basically what I meant here only without explaining user\admin rights. I suppose I shouldn’t assume everyone knows about user\admin rights but don’t run into many who don’t anymore, but did in this case. Still, since the account logon\off was\is basically the same idea here, of course I agree, and it isn’t a work around, it’s something many should do anyway. So I can’t argue with your idea as I would be arguing with my thought here as well. So yes, good idea (:TNG) Of course! ;D


TNX, Paul. I was too lazy to put the link in, heh heh. Well, obviously (to me) if you leave ur computer up and open (w/o locking windows or logging off) you have a physically unsecured box. But if you’ve got a situation like kids, or shared work computers (it does happen…) it’s a different issue, and CPF does not have password protection like some others do…

I did not know if my thought would actually work or not, as I know Windows frequently doesn’t work security the way that it should - for instance, you can put a password on Word docs to stop users from editing the doc, while still viewing it, and they can edit the doc anyway - I know, I’ve done it! So I didn’t know if changing the file user rights properties and then the user’s rights would do the trick or not. Easy fix is for Comodo to implement the suggestion… :slight_smile: