How do you stop network spies like TeamViewer

Yeah, all sounds good.
How do you stop network spies like TeamViewer for example?

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Set the rule for Team Viewer in the firewall to blocked. To do so go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules → look up the rule for Team Viewer and edit it.

What a stunning information. What argumentation this program is a network spy ?

If you believe that TeamViewer is spyware, I suggest that you do not install it on your machines.

If you are concerned that someone has the ability of using TeamViewer to view remotely your desktop but still want the software so genuine attempts to remote your PC’s are OK, I suggest that you only start the software when necessary. I am sure that there are settings within the application to notify before allowing remote access.

Of course there are cases where remote access applications are setup on PC’s by network admins and the end user does not have the choice to change the settings. In cases like these, I am sure the same network admins would notice a firewall that would block the application blocking access…