How do you stealth ports with Comodo Firewall [Resolved]

                                           Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the Comodo Firewall, after using the Windows Firewall for years . Then I went to the Norton website, and ran their Internet Security tests. I was surprised to find that with Comodo firewall, my ping port was open, many ports were closed and only some were in the stealth mode.
When using the Windows Firewall, all of my ports were in the stealth mode.
So my question is, how do I configure Comodo Firewall to put all of my ports, in the stealth mode?

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This is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

  1. If you have a router then the router’s IP is being scanned instead of your computer
  2. CFP by default stealths all ports

I found the “reset settings to default button”, then re-ran the Norton internet security test and all my ports were in the stealth mode.
I don’t know what I did to change that, but it looks like I some learning to do.


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