How do you shut off the return ping in Comodo FWP after a port scan test?

I am new to Comodo and this forum. Hi all!

   Iam running XP service pack 2 and just installed Comodo fire wall. I went to Gibson resesrch corp. and ran Steve's sheild up port scan test. All ports where stealth but, the results came back "failed" because of an ICMP return ping from my machine. I tried all (at least I think I did) the ICMP combinations in network rules to no avail. I would be very greatful for any help, thanks.

G’day Golf course guy and welcome to the forums
Shields up is testing your router.
In my case it tests my adsl modem which is set to allow incoming ping, which I’ve never really bothered turning off.
Here’s a thread on this,3677.0.html
A bit more on icmp,4260.0.html

Hope this helps
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