How do you search the firewall applications rules?

V 5 method doesn’t seem to work.

Open Comodo
Click Tasks
Go to Firewall Tasks
Open Advanced settings

Thats it!

The removal of the search is a feature of the new and modern interface for better usability. Downgrade to 5.10.

It seems like everybody is downgrading to v5.10 :P0l
People who are downgrading , all have one thing in common

Comodo Firewall and defense + active with another AV , method of installing is
they install other AV first then they install firewall and defense+ .

I personally think that old interface was very clear,lucid , handy people used to handle difficult tasks with ease , now a day its such a pain in the brain , but new inter [ipad buttons looka like ] has its own advantage .
I have a image

[attachment deleted by admin]

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