How do you remove registry entries forversion3 Vista???

Had a nightmare install as described in my other posts, ending with the error “network firewall is not functioning”- tried everything but have now just removed v3 from my system.

I would now like to remove the registry entries legacy_cmdhelp and legacy_cmdguard

In safe mode logged on a s a super admin and after right clicking the keys to take permission of them I still get the error that i am unable to delete the keys??

So how can I remove them

Any ideas, ultimately I would like v3 to work.

Vista Ultimate-Dual processor. Avg Antivirus and win defender.


You cannot if you look at the permissons only machine rights not admin on Vista you can on XP.
I have looked on the microsoft website and they say that the keys do not cause any problems? ???
There must be a way but have not found it yet still searching.

Can comodo create a tool , to clean the registry of unused entries…

It may not do any harm but if you can’t delete it thats unwantedware…


After reading for hours have found a freeware program

that was able to delete them.

Only for the strong hearted…