how do you remove programs from BoClean excluder [Resolved]

Remove things from the Program excluder list? ive tried a few things but can’t seem to find out how to delete it ???

Apart from that, nice work :BNC

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remove things from program excluder ???
is this what you mean ==> click the app icon and clickremove item button 88)

Nope (:SAD)

i should have explained better… i put a few items into the program excluder in BOClean but now i want to remove them from in there but cant find out how to do it. ive tried to right click them but no options come up. ive tried to drag them back out with no success (:AGY).
so any one know how to remove them?

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am i missing something ??? but that’s exactly what i mean.
right click on BOC systray icon, click program excluder button, choose the app you want to remove, and click remove item button on bottom right of the excluder window.

Hey, I think I may know what you mean. Are you saying that even though you try and remove it from the excluder given the ways Ganda listed it doesn’t come back out?

I actually had this problem to recently trying to unexclude a .exe (actually CFP). I was never able to get it to work right as everytime I restarted the PC boclean would complain that the .exe had been altered, which it had but just by me. Trying to unexclude it didn’t work like I said before and neither did bringing in the new .exe. I ended up just reinstalling BoClean, probably not the answer you’re looking for but it worked for me.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Let us know your progress.


Dam im feeling dumb now… but i have an excuse!!! the BOClean menu was hideing the Remove button!

Thank you (:HUG) (:HUG)

Ahhh glad you got that figured out cheesus, I was wondering what was going on there. Now that you got it all figured out I’ll go ahead and lock this topic and mark it as resolved. Congrats! If you need to reopen this thread please PM myself or another mod telling us that and this threads URL.