How do you make CFP load first?

Needless to say, “I am a NEWBY and where may I load ComodoFireWallPro startup file so it loads as the very first install when Windows® first starts?”

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I don’t have CFP installed anymore so am not too sure, but I think in CFP 3.0 its in general settings under the Miscellanous tab, it should have a tick box that says Startup or load on system/start up

in both CFP firewall versions i’m pretty sure i’ve seen that option there in both, winxp firewall is the only firewall that loads up the fastest, depends on how many icons that loads in your system tray if there is a handful then CFP most likely won’t load first still… but there you go anyway hope thats of help for you

The core protection from the firewall loads well before the GUI icon in the system tray so nothing to worry about on that score.

“JolietJake & Ron_75,”

Both of you are very good at covering all that a NEWB needs to feel more comfortable with their system.

Thank you for the info on loading, that is not a problem as I do not use the ‘Start/Start Up’ feature that Windows® provides. I MT (empty) that every time an item is placed there and go into the Registry and add it where I want it. I guess that makes me a ‘RegMucker’ and ‘Do It My Way.’

This is, more or less, what I was looking for. Some re-assurance that CFP is loading first and is protecting ASAP!!! Would like to see the ICON also FIRST in the SYS/Tray, guess that is too much to ask for.

I do have some issues with v3.0 and need to get busy with my finding the info needed to create the report that will assist in clearing some of these problems. BSOD, is not fun and games, nor my system not saving any info (Memory.Dmp) to pass on. Nothing saved in ‘Windows\MiniDump’ folder the file is saved in ‘Windows’ and with nothing within. Still working on getting “WinSnap” to do what I need and so far some thing has gone wrong with me as now it will not take any SnapShots. I will uninstall this and then re-install so the default will be setup again.

Hey, thank you very much for this info because if there are any out there that do not understand this nor know of these features they well now know.

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