How do you keep Comodo from steeling focus?

Nothing worse than being in a game and it disappears only to display a firewall pop-up. It means instant death in a FPS.


What version of CFP are you using?
Also, if you’ve configured the game once, you should not get any more alerts.


It has nothing to do with the game?
Other applications can cause it to respond. I would like it to suspend itself while in a game or wait until I am out.
Vista X64

Yep. Back up my game mode idea in Firewall Wishlist 6 (:LGH)

If the pop ups are not related to the game, password protect CFPv3 and check both boxes suppress firewall alerts and suppress D+ alerts
Miscellaneous > Settings > Parental Control Tab this should stop all alerts.


What kind of pop? What did it say? Is it related to the game your playing? I am a hardcore gamer and play games like BF2,WOW,COD4,TF2,Halo.C&C3,BF2142. All those games run great. All I did was use learn mode while playing my games and let Comodo learn the game. Then when done I set the Firewall back to Train with Safe mode and D+ to Clean PC. Its that simple.

well it could be another item and not the game itself. Anything that stimulates Comodo causes a pop alert and steels focus. It happens in all applications. Comodo commands your attention. I would rather attend to Comodo at the next opportunity in stead of ‘right now’

Its protecting you and doings its job. Especially the HIPS feature. I only get pop ups when I install something. Other then that its great and free protection. Find another firewall for free that’s as powerful as Comodo and i bet you wont.

as i said they only way currently to stop that is to password CFP3