How do you handle Stress?

Evening Everyone,

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Question: How do you handle your stress?
and what is your stress?

Some times people come around looking for help but i found a member who was looking for more then help but a friend also… so i think there is more people…
These forums are good for buisness also… for personal relationships too…
Some times it’s just to much stress trying to solve a problem, or help a person understand…
or even off the forums… end of day of work… end of the day mainly… How do you un do these stressful things…

So, Anyone care to share?


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Thank You

I have School Certificate Trials coming up (Big Exam in Australia). I also have to fill out paper work for my Casual Job. Though I believe last year I was so stressed, Because I had Exams up, ChessRally Tournaments to Host (I was a former official chess tutor), and Soccer Finals. All I had to commit too. My god… So I just sat down “breathe in through your nose, out through you mouth”, & Watch TV. For me TV is the best for clearing your brain and stress, and it does work for me… Just a small thought.


Do something you like to do, Take a break, go to the beach see your friends and relax.

…and go to a massage parlor if I have extra money!

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mostly about dealing with ppl. whether it’s dealing with stubborn customer or stupid employee (:TNG) oh and i hate when someone wakes me up >:(

how to handle stress:

  1. cry (chicks love vulnerable man ;D )
  2. take a moment of silence and pray (good answer if you wanna be miss universe)
  3. discuss it with friends and come up with solution, nothing beats teamwork (job applicant 101)
    me? i just panic & yell at everybody 88) ;D
    it’s all about mind management i guess :-\ i always think about it like this :
    (well, i still have another customer), (yeah he’s done something terribly stupid, that’s why i’m the boss & he’s the employee),(oh, OK, so i lost some,but last time i checked, i’m still rich,ofcourse you need to set your own bar about richness ;D ) something like that.

Look for a quite and silent place…
once you have found that place take a deep breath
control your anger and frustration…
let all the business in the world fall…
the world does not exist…
let you mind synchronize with your body and listen to your inner voice…

Now, think about the thing that is bothering you…
ask your self, is that thing that is bothering you important?
why are you so stressed out?
is there something I can do different so I will be less stressed?

just keep you self cool and try to find your self some answers…
Do not ever panic… control yourself…

ok, my 2 cents…

I go for a night walk to a nearby lake or for a nigh drive on my motorcycle a lot. The best stress remover is when your driving at night on empty streets and roads till the dawn breaks :slight_smile: Just no words for it ! I set up my thoughts straight, make some plans. Relax.

Sometimes I go crazy a bit, but not too much ;D

I LOVE the nightime. And I LOVE being alone ! :slight_smile:

And of course - music. I can’t imagine my life without music :slight_smile:

Well when I am late getting my homework done, I cry myself to sleep, then when I wake up a few hours later I’m all nice and peaceful.