How do you get certificat validation completed?

I went to renew a certificate previously authorized by a Domain Authorization Letter for the initial certificate, which states it was good for a period of 25 months (still valid for 13 months). The renewal was delayed as Comodo now wanted to re-validate the authorization.

My client was ok doing this but the auto-generated emails being sent were sending with no authorization codes. Finally a chat associate sent a code directly and my client replied authorizing the renewal. Just to make sure I ask the chat associate and he told me it we were good to go and would be done processing within an hour.

A hour later I check and it hadn’t finished and I was then told it would be three hours.

A total of 7 hours later the next associate tells me they put it back in callback status and then resent another dmv email to my client! This has caused my customer to have an expired certificate through the entirety of the business day and further they want me to wait essentially another business day so they can have my client continually attempt to re-authorize the renewal!?

The most recent chat associate informed me that no one will be available to escalate this ticket to till 1am pacific, which going on over 24 hours of trying to get this handled I’ll be trying to get into their queue early.

If anyone knows of any other way I can escalate or otherwise resolve what appears to be a pretty borked validation system it would be much appreciated.

I’m terribly disappointed with Comodo’s service and continuity of their validation process.


I apologize for the run around that you have been given. It’s not normal and it’s the last thing we want to see happen. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The validation process (for OV certs; InstantSSL/PremiumSSL etc.) is normally straight forward and pretty painless, but over the past two months our validation procedures have become a bit more stringent especially when dealing with anything relating to finances. These controls no matter how silly they may or may not be, are there for the security of all parties involved. This still shouldn’t have resulted in the run around you have described.

There is very little I personally can do since I operate on the Technical Support side of things, but what I can do is bring this thread to Customer Service Manager and hopefully within the next 12h your should hear something from them in regards to the issue you have reported.

As far as the blank code, your client should not have received that in the first place. So what I have done at this point is invoked something on our end which will generate a brand new code. This will get your client over that particular hurdle. It’s bad to make assumptions, but I am 99.999% sure I found the order you speak of in our system and what I did should allow a code to show in the email now. (It appears while writing this post, your client responded to the code and the cert got issued)

Please let us know if you still have not received the certificate or do not have the ability to download it through your account.

Again, we apologize for the trouble and thank you for being our customer!