How do you enable "Stealth Mode" in Comodo???

Hi Everyone:

I have looked in COMODO but cannot find this.
As you all (probably) know, most firewalls let you select “Stealth Mode”.
(( when in Stealth mode, others cannot see you. eg if they ping your IP address, they will not get a response.
eg with Agnitum’s Outpost firewall, if you enable “Stealth Mode” you can’t even ping yourself. Once you disable “Stealth Mode”, you can ping yourself ))

This is usually done via a button selection somewhere in the firewall’s configuration screens (as is the case with, for example, Agnitum’s Outpost firewall).

How do you select “Stealth Mode” in Comodo ?? ???



Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP) is in stealth mode by default. In fact, I don’t a way to make it run otherwise, other than temporarily disabling it.

CFP will only open a port when and if an application needs to use it. At all other times, the port is stealthed.

Whether you need to be stealthed, as opposed to closed, is open to debate. Just as long as its not open when it doesn’t need to be open.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
The problem I have is that if I get “pinged” they get a response.
How do I stop this behaviour with COMODO FIREWALL ???

Look at the bigger picture.

If your ports are CLOSED, when someone pings you, they get a response denying access. This indicates that there is a computer at that IP address but it’s not accepting incoming connections.

If your ports are STEALTHED,when someone pings you, they get no response at all. This indicates that there is a computer at that IP address and that it has a firewall that is dumping inbound unsolicited requests.

Either way, they know you’re there. The bad guys will, as a rule, move on and try and find an easier, unprotected target.

Ewen :slight_smile: