How do you configure Comodo Internet security so that Windows 7 recognizes it in

In Windows Xp, Comodo is recognized as a valid virus and/or firewall application and as a result you do not get any notifications from XP about security issues. Why is this not the same for Windows 7, or if it is the same how do you get Windows 7 to recognize Comodo?


All protection software that’s recognized in Security Center (Vista and below) or Action Center (Se7en) has a component built-in that integrates them with the Center. Comodo has to (and has already done) update that component within CIS to fix your issue.

If you don’t have CIS 3.13 right now I recommend you change that. :slight_smile: Open CIS and go to Miscellaneous tab > Check for Updates. (Click About in same tab for the version number) If you do have CIS 3.13 then either your Se7en’s not RTM or maybe you need a fresh install of CIS’ latest version.