How do you change the default page size?

Since CID updated to v57.0.4 the default page zoom is set at 120% which looks ridiculous on my 4K screen. I can’t see how to change it to the standard 100% size. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Incidentally, normally, if I click on the 120% symbol in the address bar the page automatically refreshes to 100% but that doesn’t work with this forum.

Hold down ctrl and press 0 (zero). It’s handy to set this with a keyboard macro if your keyboard supports those. Clicking on the zoomed value, 120% or whatever does work for me though. I’ve noticed Ice Dragon doesn’t seem to remember the zoomed state of a page like it used to, it always reverts back to the default 100%. I can’t see an option anywhere to set a default value. Just the zoom controls from the ‘hamburger’ menu button.

There is the option of an addon extension, this can set a default text only or a full page size, amongst other things.

Thanks for your reply Kanoobi. I set the keyboard macro and that works fine.
I already had NoSquint installed but that doesn’t work. In the attached screenshot you can see how the page defaults to 120% while NoSquint has it set to default to 100%. I also noted that NoSquint’s global settings appear to be for use with Chrome only. Strange for an addon proposed for Firefox browsers.

Whilst the macro you suggested is a useful solution, I still feel there must be an option somewhere in the about:config preferences to reset the page default to 100%. In fact, I have no idea why the developers changed it to 120%. Surely that should be a decision for the end user?

You’re welcome. Apparently there aren’t any settings at all for setting a default zoom level. I’ve had a look and found this old post but I think it might be what you are experiencing with a hi res screen. The last post at the bottom of the page has some links regarding the use of ‘NoSquint’ set at 80% to compensate and other details. This could work although I’m not sure of the current working and reliable state of NoSquint.