How do you block a domain?

The confiker worm has infected a substantial number computers, 9 million to date, and it has been suggested that a number of domains be blocked to prevent communication with them. The known domains listed are as follows:-

Malicious domain names removed

I’m not infected with the worm but I would like to know how to go about blocking those domains in Comodo?

Hello. please remove those links!

To block a address,

Comodo → firewall → my blocked network zones.

Thanks for your reply. Followed your suggestion and blocked the relevant domains. I am, however, puzzled as to why the links to the domains should be removed from the thread. Would you like to explain the reason for this?

Part of the reason that this worm is giving security people fits is that it is constantly morphing generating new domains and it is hard to figure out which is real. By the time they figure it out it has moved on.

As of about mid Jan. there were several thousand domains on one list I saw.
So you are shooting at a moving target with blocking.

Save yourself the stress. Make sure you have your MS patches up to date, keep your CIS and AV if you use some other updated and relax. CIS has had your back since day 0 on this one.


It’s against the Forum Policy.
Although the sites were not linked, they were still there to see. :wink:

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