How do you backup ... Backup?

I’m going nuts trying to figure out how to backup all the backup routines that I’ve built in …umm… Backup. ??? I’ve tried searching this out, but am not making any progress. I’m sure it’s right in front of me, but I’m oblivious - can anyone help a newbie out?

The hint: Backup saves rules in the registry under HCU\Software\ComodoGroup\Compdo BackUp\Backup.


The code shown below in RED will backup the registry entries for Comodo backup to a folder called “c:\cbubackup”. It contains a sub-folder called “prior”. The “prior” folder contains the immediately prior version to the one currently being backed up. This gives us two fall back positions.

You can modify the destination by changing the “c:\cbubackup” entries with the destination of your choice. Don’t forget to change the " [ at ] " in the top line to the real “at” symbol.

Yes, this is a quick and dirty solution, but its a quick and dirty problem. LOL

Many thanks to Rotty for the CPF backup script this is based on.

[ at ] echo off
echo *****************************
echo The settings are backed up to c:\cbubackup\cbu.REG
echo Merge the “cbu.reg” file back, to restore settings
echo *****************************
echo To start press enter. To quit press the “x” button on this window
pause >nul:

if not exist c:\cbubackup goto :new
goto :archive

echo Clearing oldest backup - please wait
del c:\cbubackup\prior\cbu.REG >nul:
echo Storing previous backup - please wait …
copy c:\cbubackup\cbu.REG c:\cbubackup\prior\cbu.REG
echo Archiving current rule set - please wait …
REGEDIT /E c:\cbubackup\cbu.REG “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComodoGroup\Comodo BackUp\Backup”

echo Creating folders - please wait …
md c:\cbubackup
md c:\cbubackup\prior
echo Archiving registry keys - please wait …
REGEDIT /E c:\cbubackup\cbu.REG “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComodoGroup\Comodo BackUp\Backup”
copy c:\cbubackup\cbu.REG c:\cbubackup\prior\cbu.REG >nul:
goto :end

echo DONE!!!
echo Press any key to end
pause >nul:

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

sweet! Thanks for the help! :BNC

I had SyncBackSE before this, and it allowed you to save your profiles through the GUI. Guess I just assumed Backup had it too. Doh!

You guys rock.