How do we know that Comodo, is secure?,Kaspersky was used by Russia...

As a long time user of Comodo, i would like to know, if Comodo is secure, and not being used by The US Government to spy on my files on my computer. Kaspersky Lab’s in Moscow, said it was secure, however Israel watched as Russia, used Kaspersky, as a kind of search engine. What protections, does Comodo have in place, to stop The US Government from either Legally, or Illegally, obtaining a list of my files on my computer? Thank you.

Since no one is going to reply to you, this should give you a general idea of the issue.

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You have none and no one can give you one. It’s unknown what tech the Government has or what they can do from one vendor to another as far as exploits, vulnerabilities, or full cooperation. The real problem is the practices of the companies themselves.

Most AV products are the equivalent of spyware, and people pay money so they can be monitored with most of the products listed. It really is an invasion of privacy. Most of these vendors will tell you yes we collect the data but each group of data sets is stored at a seperate location for user privacy. Well that’s total bull$hit. Thay can correlate all the collected data at the drop of a hat if they want to, and I’m sure they do. They fill up server racks with this data and never purge it. An intelligent person would ask why they collect all this data. Well most companies tell you it’s telemetry to improve their products. I would like someone to explain to me how my internet history and private data helps improve their product. It’s all bull$hit. The most unacceptable practice is sending all visited URLs along with a unique identifier. Everywhere you go and all your interests are constantly recorded. It’s one huge data mining machine. Some will not even let you opt out of uploading of personal documents if the engine decides to no matter what private information might be there.

While I don’t use AV just HIPS If I did it would be Emsisoft or Comodo. I’m sure Comodo collects some information but very little from what I’ve seen. When last using the AV it was using very little outgoing bandwidth from monitoing all outbound traffic so I had no worries. Not sure about the newest AV builds. Now they have added telemetry but atleast you have the option to opt out.

I installed ESET a while back and it was non-stop constantly uploading data. AVG, McAfee, Trend Micro, and Webroot seem to be especially intrusive. Bottom line is if the data was not being collected then it would not be at risk from Governments or anyone else. When it comes to most AV software people and data are the real product.