how do u scan whole system?

I read in the review of Comodo by PC magazine, the one which persuaded me to try it in the first place, that having Comodo scan the whole system for known applications cut down the number of popups dramatically. I can’t find that feature to make it do that. How do I do it?
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Firstly, Welcome to Comodo! (:WAV)

Secondly, The newest stable version is 2.3 which should be available for download from the main Comodo Site in about 4 to 5 hours (Finders Crossed). It’s vastly improved since the last stable version 2.2 and includes many fixes and added security features such as Behaviour Analysis!

Anyway, when you download and install 2.3 (this also works on the 2.2 version but really worth waiting for the latest stable release) Goto the “Security Tab” and click on “Tasks” and near the bottom of that page is “Scan for known applications” This will scan your system for the recognized programs that Comodo has in their database and will automatically create a rule for them. **Note ** In the new version there is the ability (Under the Tasks Window again)

Thirdly, It is important also to setup your Network connection properly. Use the “Automatic Settings” When installing CPF and then goto the Tasks page again and “Add Trusted Zone” this will allow your computer to talk to your router (if your using one) which is essential. There is actually a step by step tutorial though I’m not sure Ewan has updated it for the latest version but here’s the link:

On a different note. Comodo Also has it’s own free Antivirus though currently the detection rate is a little low but the new Stable release Version 2 is planned to be released on the 18th of this month and will include things like Host Intrustion Detection/Protection. Have a look on the Comodo Homepage and click on Free Programs. There’s things like Free Anti-Spam, Verification Engine, I-Vault etc etc.

Finally, Everyone on here is really really helpful so if you come across any problems then just post a topic and someone will try and help you.


Eric, thanks so much for the reply. Is there any way to be notified by email when an answer is posted to a question. I belong to WorldStart also and they have that option. It’s a great feature and timesaver, too.

Thanks again.

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You mean here in the forums?

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