How do people with large monitors / resolution sizes cope with small fonts?

This has been a thorn on my side that I haven’t been able to fully solve. I have a 22" monitor with resolution set at 1680 x 1050 and 120 DPI. For most Windows applications, they’re fine. What I’m really focusing on is website text within the context of small frames / objects / etc. So far I’ve been setting Opera’s minimum font from the default of 9 to 14 pixels. This only works for websites that are coded well (88)). But for those that have fixed font sizes (i.e. non-percentage values), they can render things badly. Zooming in the browser doesn’t work either because pictures will lose its original quality, not to mention slowing things down. Any hints?

Firefox with NoSquint addon. NoSuint’s settings may be:
zoom method – text only
default full page zoom level – 100%
default text-only zoom level – 165%

This way only text’s size is affected, page scale, objects are usually not distorted. When they are: ctrl+mousewheel to adjust and remember site-specific text zoom level.

…That’s the best solution i found so far for my needs.

P.S.: Tried to find alternative solution on Opera but failed.

P.S.2: 17" monitor, 1024x768, 96 dpi …but use 165% as text-only zoom :stuck_out_tongue:

Exact this problem when was trying to adjust Opera.

Ha! I guess you have to switch to Firefox now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try it once I return home.

And I already am using Firefox portable (for work purposes).

NoSuint works well :-TU. I found a User JS that was supposed to do the same for Opera, but there are disadvantages:
#1 - It doesn’t work. At least not without zooming everything including images. Maybe because it was created 3 years ago?
#2 - Even if it does work, one commenter states that it doesn’t remember the individual sites.
#3 - I have to re-enable the status bar for this!?


I use both Opera and Firefox also because each browser has its own set of tasks that it does well that the other does not. Opera still remains my default browser simply because it navigates the internet and downloads twice as fast as Firefox on my broadband connection.


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Where that benchmark picture from? Web service or special program?

SS26- Its a live screen capture of a series of 12 sequential download speed test results done with my Bandwidth Meter Pro which displays graphical and numerical download and upload speeds on my desktop in real time and it has proven to be an indispensable tool in fine tuning the download and upload capabilities of both my Firefox and Opera browsers. In fact it was just after I first got the Bandwidth Meter Pro that I discovered the amazing benefits that using FireTune had on my Firefox browser for the first time in that I had been using IE 6 which only benchmarked at maximum of 7 Mbps and Firefox FireTune was capable of download speeds more than twice that fast…I was flyin’!


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:-TU Thanx, Maxx.

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