how do I write a FireFox rule for ftp?

I want firefox to be able to explore ftp sites, but it is not possible when application control rules are on. I mean, if I turn them off I can see the file tree of an ftp server in firefox. I wonder where is the error. The rule is this:
firefox: destination:, port: 0-65535, TCP/UDP: in/out permission: allow

Note: I don’t have any problem with my ftp client, neither with iexplorer.


Hi webmailuser-msr

Providing you haven’t changed the default Network Monitor rules, you shouldn’t need a specific rule for firefox.

When you say you want to ‘explore’ what exactly do you mean?


Hi, Toggie:

OK, I realized that if ftp address is in my local network ( firefox doesn’t show any file unless rules are turned off. If ftp address is in the web there is no problem. Now, what I want to do is explore the files tree, that is to say, to see the list of files in the ftp server. If I try iexplorer it is possible, no matter if address is local or external.

I have similar problems with MS Explorer, ftp.exe (MSWindows) and FlashGet (ftp download manager)

The game with rules does not help (, 0-65535; TCP/UDP in/out allow)

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I guess I’m being a bit dim here ???

Let me see if I can sum up the problem:

Basically you can use any browser firefox. IE etc. and successfully access and browse ftp sites IF they are on the Internet.

You cannot access and browse an ftp site IF it’s on your LAN?

Is that about right?

Today ftp works… I think the miracle was happened :slight_smile: I’ve not changed anything in the rules etc.