How do I view a blocked processes log?

Two questions:

Where can I find a log listing of all the blocked processes on my computer? I know how to block & unblock, that is not the problem; but I want to see what all processes I have currently blocked on my computer.

How do I block an individual process? Many times nag and ad screens pop up from my installed programs via a process that is pushed from the company, and I want to block that particular process, but not the entire program. The old versions of Comodo made this very easy, but I can’t find anything to let me do this now.

Thanks in advance…

Does View CIS Logs help you further?

Thanks, Eric; no, I have checked that several times and that is no help. It only tells me what block even happened, not a listing of all entries blocked.
BTW…I have a process blocked that I would like to unblock; can anyone tell me how to unblock a process??

Open the HIPS rules, search for the process, delete the block rule.

Thanks Am4it…I guess that is what I am looking for. I really don’t know why Comodo ruined a really good and easy setup they had before.