How do I uninstall?

How do I uninstall DNS? I never asked for it and it’s now causing me problems. I can’t get onto TwitchTV and I have something to watch in an hour’s time and the disregard button doesn’t work. I’m using Dragon, but DNS appears in Firefox as well.

Pretty annoying. I want to get rid of DNS asap!

Hi Antiscamp,
Follow the instructions in the appropiate link below and in the the final step select Obtain DNS server address automatically.
Windows 7 / Vista - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service
Windows XP - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS

Note: This was optional during install.
Hope that helps.

Edit: In Dragon you will have to also disable Malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) if you have it enabled.
Found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Configuring Advanced Settings

I specifically remember clicking off the Use DNA servers in the installation of Comodo. The only thing I wanted to install was Internet Security. But just like Geek Buddy and those other things I did not want, it’s there anyways.

Nonetheless, I installed the latest version of Comodo in January 2013. I’ve been a Comodo fan since 2007. This won’t ruin my relationship.

Hi Antiscamp,
GeekBuddy and Dragon are under ‘Customize Install’ of CIS and I admit they are a little obscure in their location.
See further down in step 2 of the installation guide.
Installation Guide Step 2 Customizing Installation

You can remove GeekBuddy/Dragon through Windows Programs & Features (Add & Remove Programs) without effecting your Comodo Internet Security.

Did you get the DNS sorted in time to watch your TV program?

Please report blocked sites you believe are safe in the link below.
Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here
Thank you.

Hello, I have the same problem except for me this tutorial isn’t working:

When I click the properties of my internet connection I get this:

instead of this:

Do you know what the problem is?

What screen do you get when you push the Configure button? Can you post a screenshot?