How do I uninstall Comodo Time Machine?

I downloaded and installed it a couple days ago with no problems and it worked THAT DAY. The next time I tried opening it (today), it wouldn’t open the program at all and just kept asking for my username and password - which I never created or set-up because I’m the only user on this computer. Since I didn’t set-up a username and password, anything I put in now comes back as “invalid username or password.”

Now it won’t let me open it or uninstall it or ANYTHING without username and password - even through the program’s uninstall feature OR Add/Remove Programs. Can anyone help? I just want to uninstall it without destroying my computer or anything. THANKS!

Hi smithdrake,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I haven’t figured out how it happens.

But I have recreated the symptom by Opening CTM > Advanced > Settings > User Settings tab

Then selecting the Radio button to - Enable access control and NOT selecting a user below then saving.

This should be a Bug - shouldn’t be able to save without picking a user.
If you pick a User then you get the prompt to make a password.
If not then… well…
Now I’m locked out just like you describe.

The good (hopefully) news is that by default it somehow gives it up for my Windows Admin/logon password.

So try please Enter User name “Administrator” without quotes.
and enter your Windows Admin Logon password.
Regardless of your Windows User account name.

Hope it works for you as it does for me.

Try this, its approved of in many computing circles.

You cannot simply uninstall CTM in conventional ways. It alters the MBR of the computer. The above uninstallers could really do you damage. Unfortunately this is a piece of bug ridden software. Even when the uninstaller works, it can trash your computer.

Masterblaster…I agree with you on some level, I too had a problem with CTM. Where our agreement stops is when you begin (and continue) to post negative remarks about a given product at every occasion that presents itself to you. If you want to tell your story (as you have) and offer advice, fine, please do so. If you want to lay in wait and jump into every “CTM” thread to display your indignation, please seek another forum. We’re here to HELP people, not display random outbursts of displeasure. If you have anything USEFUL to add to a thread then please do, if not, then please refrain from random negativity. :wink:

Thank you Bad Frogger for your fix I have one confirmed post that this cures the problem.

Topic locked if the OP wishes it to opened please PM a moderator.

Thank you