How do I 'unblock' something?

I am trying to install a game on my computer and I got a message from comodo asking if I wanted to block something. Not knowing what it was as I was also online, I pressed ‘clean’ and now it turns out it was something related to the game I was trying to install. Now I am unable to install the game. How do I ‘unblock’ this?

i guess it was an antivirus alert and you pressed clean and clean in the antivirus alert deletes the file (clean in the antivirus alert is really confusing coz it deletes the file). i dont know how to help you. the expert guys here will surely help you.


Possible ideas

  1. Small chance but maybe system restore
  2. ask the software company for the missing file, explain situation :slight_smile:
  3. Uninstall, then reinstall