How do I unblock a website ?

Good Morning

I am getting a following message from a website I have been using for quite some time regardless of which browser I use, tried Chrome, Firefox and MSIE:

The page is blocked by COMODO Firewall.

I use Comodo Firewall version but have been getting this for past few versions, few months now.

I have tried going into the Advanced settings, filters, etc. to manually unblock a website, but I am completely lost in all of it. I have no idea what the options there mean, which ones I should check or uncheck etc. its just too complicated for me. In other products there is usually some place where I can just simply input a specific URL into a sort of “allowed list” or “disallowed list” or whitelist / black list as they are respectively called. I am unable to find anything of the sort here, just a bunch of boxes with options to check / uncheck.

I also tried various searches on google but all come out as not really what I am looking for.

What I need is a step-by-step walkthrough, thru all the different menus to where I can access a spot somewhere within the settings where I can just input the URL to be unblocked, if such an option exists here, or a step-by-step detailed walkthrough as to which boxes to check / uncheck and how to access them through various menus to do so in order to access the site.

Thank You in advance for any help with this.

That worked, thanks a lot.