How do I unblock a site?

I disabled Comodo entirely temporarily but I still cannot login. This is a reputable program that I paid for and I want access but Comodo is blocking me. It’s been over a day since I first submitted a ticket. No reply. I need a response.

Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

It gives the option to disregard but I clicked it and nothing happened. Really frustrated.

Angela Wyatt

Hello Angela,

It is most likely Comodo Secure DNS which is blocking the access to the website you are talking about, it is an optional feature when you install Comodo Internet Security, Comodo Firewall, Comodo Dragon and I think also Comodo Ice Dragon (it might be offered with other Comodo products too)

The DNS is the system which translates a domain-name to the ip-address, for example it translates the domain to the ip-address
Comodo Secure DNS is made to stop you from connecting to malicious sites by not giving you the ip-address of the malicious server and instead resolves it to Comodo’s own safe ip-address, however no system is perfect and there can sometimes be legit sites which are blocked.

I can’t see you mentioning the website in question but if you believe the website is safe and shouldn’t be blocked then please report it in the thread found here.

It might however take a few days or even longer for it to get unblocked, if you want to disable Comodo Secure DNS and use the DNS your ISP provide for you then you can follow this guide for Windows 7 or this guide for Windows XP.


My Specs: P4 XP Sp3 32bit, firefox v26, comodo v6.3….

Here is one answer to the questions: Why is Comodo blocking many common websites? And, how do I unblock trusted websites.

This problem started while trying out Alarmzone firewall, so then I switched to Comodo only to have the same issues (eg. Yahoo email,, heck even the Comodo help-site was being blocked. All attempts to unblock these sites lead me to believe that Comodo does not support this feature.

Finally I ran across this post @

wherein they state; “If you are using the Comodo firewall, it can cause a conflict with your antivirus scanner and interfere with file downloads.”

Just for grits & shins, I disabled my Avast (free antivirus sw) and VOILÀ! I can access commonly trusted websites AND use Comodo firewall simultaneously.

I then removed Avast and installed Comodo’s free antivirus. All works fine for 48 hours now. Hope this helps someone.