How do I turn stupid Defense+ on?

I’ve tried turning it on by going the Defense+ / Advanced / Defence+ Settings route, but Defence+ is always disabled after I reboot. Need someone to tell me what to do, because there is no information at all anywhere that tells me how to do it.

Try running Diagnostic from under More (Miscellaneous when using v3.x). Does that bring a solution? In case it reports a problem; what problem does it report?

The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with my installation, it said.

What version of CIS are you using? Since when does this problem happen? Is this an upgrade or clean install?

Product version 4.1.150349.920. It has never been able to turn on Defense+ since I installed it. Threatcast has never worked either. I installed Comodo when the new version first came out. I think its updated once or twice by itself since then.

Are you willing to try a clean install of CIS and see if the problem persists or not? Before doing the clean install remember to export your current active configuration from under More → Manage My Configurations; that will allow you to import after the installation.

Here is the drill. Uninstall CIS, reboot and run this clean up tool and install CIS again.

its too late for me to start doing that now but i’ll give it a go tomorrow and post back if it has sorted it out.

Right, I’ve reinstalled Comodo and the Defense+ is working, but Threatcast still isn’t working, and there’s not even a Threatcast tab anymore. Is there any way to get that working, do you know?

Look harder. :smiley:

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Yeah it was already turned on but there was no tab where it should be. However, I turned it off and on again and now the tab has reappeared, but the Threatcast Ratings still doesn’t work.