how do i turn off/uninstall

i love comodo, i really do, i consider the free version of comodo AV to be almost as good as the paid version of kaspersky… almost.

the only beef i really have with it is the fact that it’s so paranoid, i often need to turn it off when installing computer games… EXCEPT IT WONT LET ME. i have literally everything diabled, HIPS, AV, you name it, yet everytime i download this installer, not only does comodo tell me i have malware, IT FORCIBLY STOPS ME FROM INSTALLING. it’s really starting to ■■■■ me. there REALLY needs to be a better way of disabling comodo AV, because the current system doesnt work in the slightest, and never has over the past several years ive used it.

failing that, i cant even figure out how to temporarily uninstall it. does anybody know how to uninstall comodo, at least for the time being?

Uncheck “Do Not Show popup alerts” and see if that will let you install you program. Comodo should alert you for an action instead of autoblocking potential threats.

thank you, that seems to have worked.

still think it should be a bit more intuitive than that though.