How do I turn off the comodo anti virus in comodo internet security? [Solved]

I’ve purchased nod32 and want to keep the firewall portion of comodo. I have some trojans on my pc. I was told having to anti virus can be more harmful then good. So my question is how and can I delete or stop the anti virus portion of comodo internet security?

Thanks in advance.

you can disable theAV part by right clicking CIS tray icon & choose disable on antivirus security level
i think you should get rid of the trojan first 88)


I don’t think it was a good idea to buy nod32, but you can better use it now. You can use the way Ganda explained you.

for the trojan, I sujest you clean it up first (it would actually surprise me that NOD would clean it up), for a cleaning up manual please look here

Have fun using CIS !


If I be you I’ll.

  • Uninstall CIS
  • Reinstall Comodo by choose to install only firewall
  • Install Nod32

thanks that did the trick

I’ll go ahead and close this thread…