how do i turn defense + back on lol [RESOLVED]

hi guys my 2 year old turned it off i don’t now how lol but she did how do i turn it back on call me stupid i gues lol

Lets try the obvious first.

Open up comodo, go to D±> advanced (side tab)-> D+ settings

On the bottom are three boxes, the bottom most says deactivate D+ permanently. If it’s checked, then uncheck it.

Above is a slider bar, if it’s set to disabled then move the slider to clean, safe, or paranoid (whatever you were using before).

thanks now wonder i could not turn it back on lol she hit disable permanently lol kids always playing were there not suppose to mom not watching her to good when dads a whey : (:LGH) thanks a bunch its back on now.

Put a password on Comodo. Go to Miscellaneous/Settings.

(:LGH) yeah she did in a whey huh

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