How do I treat all the applications in a folder EXCEPT ONE in a particular way?

Let’s say I have the folder C:\Stuff\Programs and I want to add a rule for everything in there to behave in a particular way. I’d do this in D+:

C:\Stuff\Programs* - Funky Application

What if I want to treat ALL BUT ONE program in that manner WITHOUT MAKING RULES FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM in \Programs?

Let’s say I want to treat C:\Stuff\Programs\blacksheep.exe as a Weird Application while still treating the rest of C:\Stuff\Programs* as Funky. How do I do that? Can I simply add the rule for it after the Programs* rule?

Placing the specific rule above the general rule in D+ rules should work. But please note the * applies to subdirectories too.

More guidance on issues like this in the FAQ: File specification inc the use of wildcards in CIS.

So if my D+ list looks like this, in the following order:
C:\Stuff\Programs\blacksheep.exe - Strange Application
C:\Stuff\Programs* - Funky Application
Then COMODO will stop at the first entry and not process the next one?

If you launch blacksheep, yes.

And assuming there are no other contradictory rules above

At least that’s what should happen

Remember Programs* has a different effect to Programs*. Your version is correct, but CIS gives Programs* by defailt. The default version would trigger for C:\stuff\Programs1.exe [edited]

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I’m aware of this and it honestly bothers me. When Comodo started replacing all the rules of the type “Program Files*” with “Program Files*”, I immediately changed them back because I realized anyone can make a “Program Files.exe” that can piggyback on the rule.

Yes the parsing of the strings containing asterisks is logically correct, but the interpretation of the user selection of a directory as an asterisk without a preceding path divider, is not, IMHO.

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