How do I "take action" on Scan Results???

The weekly scan found two threats. Then a pop-up box asked if I wanted to clean the suspected files myself, or have my “Geek Buddy” do it for me. I’ve never used that service, so for the first time, I selected “Geek Buddy”. Next it said that my “Geek Buddy” trial was expired, and I could sign up for a year’s subscription for 14¢ a day, payable in advance.

I’m just trying to get rid of the threats found in my weekly scan.

So I cancel out of the “Geek Buddy” and go back to the Comodo Summary. I can’t find any tabs to “Heal” or “Quarantine” or “Remove Threats”, etc. Right-clicking on Scan results or the Threat itself does nothing. It just shows “Detected” and calls it a “Success”, but says nothing about having been removed.

So I decide to re-scan, because at the end of a normal scan, I have options to get rid of detected threats. This time, I won’t choose the “Geek Buddy” route. PROBLEM: it won’t let me re-scan, because it says I have to do something with the previous scan results first.

If I could do something with the previous scan results, I wouldn’t be trying to re-scan my computer in the first place. It can’t possibly be this difficult. Can someone please explain what action I should take to remove the recently “Detected” threats?

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You must be seeing a 'Clean" and an “Ignore” buttons below the results window

Thank you for the reply, SivaSuresh.

No, I don’t have any buttons labelled “Clean” or “Ignore”.

When I booted up the computer today, this time it allowed me to re-run the Comodo scan. When completed, it showed the same two threats, and asked if I wanted a “Geek Buddy” to fix it, or clean it myself. I chose “Clean it Myself” this time, the dialog box disappears, and then nothing.

I maximized the Comodo screen that was along the bottom of my screen, and on the “Summary” tab it shows “2 threat(s) detected so far”. There are NO BUTTONS allowing me to do anything about it on this screen.

If I click on the “2” in “2 threat(s) detected so far”, it launches a different screen, “Antivirus Events”. This screen shows the two Threats in what looks like zipped yellow folders. One has text highlighted in red, the other is black text. My options on this screen, at the bottom, are: “Refresh”, “More…” and “Close”.

Where are the “CLEAN” or “IGNORE” buttons???

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@Scott…I had the same thing happen to me.
Luckily the “threat” I found was a tracking cookie so I just ran a quick scan with SuperAntiSpyware and deleted it that way.
But, you’re right, I don’t remember this problem in the past.
Is this a passive-aggressive way to get people to pay for GeekBuddy?

Frankly, I think it’s a little strange that anyone would do a scan with their “Active” AV, because if the active AV didn’t detect a malware the first time around, why would it detect it during a manual scan.

I always scan with MalwareBytes…or SuperAntiSpyware…or HitmanPro.

They never find anything of any importance…thanks to CIS/Sandboxie.

Scott - I had the same problem today. I couldn’t seem to access the Scan Results screen after the antivirus program finished. I could see the image of the Scan Results screen by placing my mouse over the Comodo icon on the task bar (I saw two screens, the main Comodo screen and the Scan Report screen).

It turns out that my Scan Results screen was minimized. I solved my problem by placing my mouse over the Scan Reports image on the task bar, right clicking my mouse, and selecting maximize. That solved my problem.


Thanks very much for the reply, I appreciate it!