How do I stop it blocking something?

Hey guys… I can’t work out how to make Comodo stop blocking something…

on the main overview under “Proactive Defense” it says… “The Defense+ has blocked 415 (& climbing) suspicious attempts…”

I click on this number & see this…

How do I stop it blocking that?


Welcom to the forum gutterboy.

I assume that’s the Apache, MySQL, PHP and Pearl pack? are all the blocks the same?

Probably the easiest way to remedy this is to make this a trusted application, but if you feel that’s giving too much freedom, you’ll need to create a custom policy and adjust the access rights to allow what ever the suite needs.

In D+ find the entry that relates to the events your seeing and double click, you’ll see the options available.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Yeah… it’s a Apache, MySQL, PHP type package. All blocks are the same.

Do you think it would be unsafe to make it a trusted application? How do I remove it as a trusted app if I decide to?

In D+ find the entry that relates to the events your seeing and double click, you'll see the options available.

Do you mean the window I showed an image of? Nothing happens when I double click an entry in there…

Open CIS from the system tray, select Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. This is where the D+ rules are kept and can be manipulated.

When you double click on an entry you’ll receive a dialogue box from which you can choose how you want that application to behave, either choose a predefined policy or custom policy.

For this suite I think you’ll be fine making it trusted in D+. However, you might need to think about your firewall rules…

OK thx!