How do I stop comodo from being foreground?

I searched for “minimize” and found nothing.

My trouble is that there is this little window that pops up over the tray icons and says “files being submitted to…” and it happens so fast I can’t read it.

Well this is also minimizing games like Warcraft III or interrupts me while typing, such as to input the text of this post, also it seems to be triggering a reaction from Avast. Honestly this seems like a some requirement by someone to make sure I am subject to the whims of Comodo. Maybe they forgot that users are the masters and not the software. See it really stinks to have a program that’s supposed to be helping protect you instead doing exactly what a virus or trojan horse would do: seize control of your computer by disruption and interference with what you are doing and then making you wait for what the hacker or virus wants to do, in this case that hacker of virus might as well be Comodo.

My solution to get Avast out of the loop was to authorize the Warcraft server as excluded while authorizing all of Warcraft, as well as other modules of Avast, in Comodo. Of course none of this was happening prior to a recent Avast update yet I am unable to get rid of the notification window that originally seemed to be generated by Avast and now seems is being gererated by Comodo. Their forums helped me very much in figuring this out.

So now I’d like to stop this “file submission” to wherever by Comodo. Could someone explain how to turn that off please? Otherwise I need to uninstall Comodo which is sending files somewhere that I dont’ know or can’t control, again, just like a trojan. I’ll probably end up re-installing zone alarm (and no i had no trouble uninstalling zone alarm, used revouninstaller).

Thank you,


P.S. Here is a link to the thread of what I posted on the Avast forums under the same user name:

Your using D+ in clean pc mode which gives you pending files. I suggest setting D+ to safe mode so you no loner get pending files. The reason the files are being submitted is simply. Go to Miscellaneous\ Settings\ Update. Uncheck the setting to automatically submit the files in the submission queue to Comodo. Take time to click around all your settings and learn what each one does. This is what I do with any software. Explore and experiment is how we learn.

Couple of things can be done to help with this.You can put Defence+ into “Safe Mode” whereby you will not accumalate anything in “My pending Files”
You can also turn off automatic file submission/look up, by Miscellaneous/Settings/Update,where you can uncheck the boxes “automatically perform an online look up for the unrecognised files” and “automatically submit the files in the submission queue to Comodo”

Hope this helps,

ps you could also check the Miscellaneous/Submit suspicious files section and remove any that are still there,and clear “My Pending Files” by purging/your choice.

I said all the Matty. LOL. Before you.

First, and foremost, thank you both for the assistance, and especially Matty_R for a humble tenor, which is why the sentence in what was quoted is bolded. This bolded statement above was only necessary from the point of view of assumptions made that appear to require the one making the statement needs to elevate themselves.

However I must address the bolded statement above.

Vettetech, if you read my link you’d have seen the history of an old assembly language programmer who remembers writing software with the user in mind, helping people without any comparisons to ourselves as programmers, making sure menus and the logics of them were not “programmer pathology” and terminology. See we were those people who computers weren’t standardized to, before Microsoft, Intel, and the variants of status quo thereof.

Now for the immediate relevant history to back this up…

First I went to “What do these setting do?” links for areas that indicated by their title that they may be involved in sending files. I did this from left to right following the icons at the top of the “Open…” window:

Under Firewall Tasks>Common Tasks: View Firewall Events, Stealth Ports Wizard, View Active Connections, My Port Sets, My Network Zones, My Blocked Zones;

Under Firewall Tasks>Advanced: Network Security Policy, Predefined Firewall Policies, Attack Detection Settings, Firewall Behaviour Settings;

Defense+ Tasks>Common Tasks: View Defense+ Events>My Pending Files (more on that in a moment)>View Active Process List;

Defense+ Tasks>Advanced: Computer Security Policy, Predefined Security Policies, Image Execution Control Settings, Defense+ Settings.

Miscellaneous>Settings is where I stopped looking. I opened the window and looked at what the settings do. They referred me to the “My Pending Files” link which explained all the benefits of these things, and the recommendation to leave the look up feature enabled.

The “Update” tab specifically by it’s name did not appear to indicate anything more than what the term update has come to mean, I did not see any way that program updates would be sending files from my computer. Also many terms are more varied in their meaning and thus why I had looked in all of those areas of those menus for a solution to my issue.

At first glance it may appear I should be fully aware of what to adjust, however you’ll find the associated help does refer to the My Pending Files link and nothing mentions in any manner “Comodo will seize the foreground when sending files” or “This setting will enable Comodo to seize the foreground” or, in bold/italic “This setting may effect yours or the computer’s performance. Comodo does not perform online lookups or submit suspicious files in the background.”

Lastly, I searched for the term “minimize” and “foreground” in the help and minimize was used in a marketing manner, foreground had no topics found. One would think those who so easily can give an anthropology lesson on “how we learn” would have themselves learnt to assume not to assume others are as informed as they are. We are not a part of the product’s development or production obviously, though over time we could be merely by what we put forth regarding the shortcomings of the product should the developers listen with an ear for what can be improved versus listening for what the person doesn’t know and then wanting to give them such an anthropology lesson.

In short, these web forums allow for inclusion of tag terms upon creation of a thread to aid searching of them right? Very good idea (though I didn’t use it due to not wanting to inadvertently miscatagorize my thread, especially when it has no solution). Why would the ancient Windows term “minimize” or a well known multi-tasking term such as “foreground” not be indexed to pertinent sections of a help file? This makes little sense for obvious reasons, unless of course there is some metaassumption amongst the developers that “everyone knows what we do about all that we know.” I’d hope not.

If this seems out of place to you consider the numbers of viruii and malware out there and the bogus sites created for their distribution That is only one list but indicates the climate of our virtual world, so when a product says it’s submitting files to some website and appears to do so on some sort of schedule, when it minimizes foreground applications or seizes the foreground to do so, and when the window that pops up to inform the computer users is so brief one could only read it if on a 56k connection, alarm bells go off as to the nature of that program. Some people get numb to this over time and see anyone who holds to making certain of the integrity of their system as overreacting, however, diligence is how we keep our identity ours, our lives our own, and in light of this climate Vettetech you may want to re-evaluate what you suggest/infer about users who come here for your wisdom by other non-program related statements said in the same post.

Much of what I said above I hope is read in the light of helping those designing this software to better understand how we may seek out solutions, how the help interface could be improved as well as notifications regarding what program settings could be considered to effect performance of the individual and/or the computer by disruption and or interruption of there processes.

Otherwise Vettetech I am sure you’ve helped many people and honestly am glad you are eager to do so. In the spirit of appreciation of your assistance I felt it a personal duty to point out how easily you could state something here that can be taken offensively (where inflection/intention cannot be gleaned) say something that can be taken offensively and disrupt/interrupt your good intentions and the person carrying out your suggestion (and this is on point with the whole idea of disruption and interruption, how they are irritating and help no one). I am sure you would agree that consistency of such things is a consistency we all can do without, thus why I felt such a duty.

Cheers and please do understand this wasn’t done to be unkind and was stated as it is to effect notice and thus at least consideration of what it suggests.

Thank you both again for your assistance and having read this through,

I wish the Comodo family, both people and products, are and do well respectively, :BNC


Sorry if you mis understood me but I am a self taught person. I know everything I do by simply clicking around and see what makes thing tick. You should always take time to familiarize yourself with any software you install on your pc. Its like when customers bring there cars in to me. 90% of the questions they asked can be solved by reading there owners manual. I have learned just about every in and out of Comodo just by simply looking around and seeing what does what. Sorry once again. Did you figure out what Matty and myself were pointing out? At the end of your first post you stated that you would go back to Zone Alarm. No need to say such a thing when this is your first post and we have yet to help you. Comodo is free and the modders are volunteers. I myself am a user such as yourself. I might add that Comodo wasnt doing anything its not suppose to be doing.