How do I stop Comodo Firewall Pro interfering with this .exe program

I run my Linux based Satellite Receiver Box from my PC via my Router using a program called Dreambox Control Center. I ve tried to use the program with Comodo set in ‘Train With Safe Mode’ and in ‘Training Mode’ but it wont allow me to connect properly (It doesnt see the router if Comodo is running) The only way I can get it to run is by setting Comodo to Disabled mode.

I accessed Firewall Tab>Define a New Trusted Applicatoin and defined the .EXE as a trusted application but this has made no difference.

I want to be able to use this program without having to disable Comodo everytime. How do I do this please?

Hi & welcome. :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I don’t remember version 2.4’s features correctly, but doesn’t this apply to version 3.0? If so, I’ll move this topic to the v 3 Help section!


How do I find out which version im running ? I downloaded it from the website last month, on November 24th. If you think its version 3 then please move the topic there. Many thanks

Fast and simple: if the tray icon is mostly blue, it’s 2.4. If it’s white, it’s 3.0.
Else, you should see something like “About…” in 2.4, or in 3.0 you click Miscellaneous tab, then “About…”.


edit: Now I’m sure it’s v 3.0, I’ll move the topic. :wink:

OK, let’s get to the business.

First of all, you have to separate “Firewall” and “Defense+”. Train With Safe Mode and Training Mode, as well as Disable, refers to Defense+. So defining a trusted app. in Firewall, makes no difference if it’s blocked by Defense+. Which application rules have you defined, in the Firewall tab respectively the Defense+ tab? (go to Advanced → … Security Policy)