How do I stealth a local area network?

About 4 years ago the following was posted in this forum:

“Netbios is for me enabled, nevertheless, the ports are stealthed (for what it might be important, closed would be enough), but i have specific firewall rules forbidding netbios if both source and destination are not the lan ip.”

I’m on a lan that must share files with other workers, so I can’t disable netbios. What specific steps would I take with Comodo Firewall to stealth my local area network, as described in the quote above. I did a search and couldn’t locate detailed instructions. Thank you.

I don’t think you can be stealthed/closed and use netbios file sharing at the sametime.

Thank you for your response, but I think it can be done, based on the quote I provided in my original quote, and comments I’ve seen elsewhere. But obviously it involves some specific, knowledgeable steps. Can anyone else provide any help?