How do I…[solved]

Hello, I am becoming quite frustrated at how this browser keeps closing without my proper authorization to do so like every other browser I have. For example, I have yet been able to find the option to “Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs.” I have to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my ability to use my PC, and every once a while it automatically move my mouse pointer up to the upper right side, and closes everything that I have open when using my browser. And it really irritates the ■■■■ out of me. Where is this option on CD? I have also not been able to come across where the options are to arrange my content bar the way I am in my Firefox-based browsers. i.e. put "cut, copy, and/or past, abilities, near the left side of my control functions.

TThank You

Hi rogerg2,
The navigational bar in Chromium based browsers don’t have customize options like that of Firefox based browsers.

To get a warning closing multiple tabs, the following extension may help.
Searching the ‘Web Store’ may find others.
Window Close Protector-Web Store
Also the following topic shows how to recover from an accidental closing of a browser session.
Recover previous browser session (Multiple Tabs).

Hope that helps.

Thank You for your assistance! I have used CD and SRWIron (Chrome-based browsers) and that was my main complaint and/or issue with these browsers. Hopefully what you had recommended will conquer my frustrations.

Again Thank You,

You are welcome, I hope it continues to work correctly for you.