How do I silently install only one component ?

Hi, thanks to the Comodo developer team, the -s switch introduced with CPF works just fine with CIS as well. Now my question is, how do I silently install only one component (specifically the firewall)?


what do you mean by silently? ;D
if you want to install the firewall only, untick the Antivirus option. :Beer

silent as in a silent install, e.g. automatic installation using /s most commonly used.

by silent install, I mean an automated installation or one that is unattended as in no user intervention required. the -s was introduced by the developers especially on request of a friend from the MSFN forums where I too am active building silent/unattended addons for NLite but the -s switch installs the entire bundle of antivirus and firewall. supposing somebody wanted a silent installation of only the firewall and not the bundled antivirus, how would one go about doing that ?

There is no “Silent Install”, You need to also accept license agreements & Choosing the Firewall & Antivirus, or just one of them, and installing them, rebooting isn’t much of a hassle further.