How do i setup comodo to allow for opera torrent downloads?

I have used opera web browser and comodo internet security for a long time, and never needed to set anything up to make them work togheter.
Now I use Opera 11 and comodo internet security 5 and I am no longer able to download through operas built in torrentclient.
This happened after upgrading both, and I guess comodo firewall is blocking the port.
Opera has a test function, and it states it uses a default port numer 18768.
When clicking on the test button, it states that request timed out (probably due to firewall blocking it).
The port number can be changed, but i do not know to what or if that will help.
It also shows my IP adress, so that is also known.

I need a step-by-step guide on how to make operas torrent client work again using port 18768.
Or, anything to make it work like it did before the update.
Everything else is working perfect.
I have also used operas torrentclient and comodo internet security before without any problems, but i do not know why it does not work now…or what has changed from old version to new version.

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Please Follow This F.A.Q

If does not work please upload/post a screenshot of your firewall events



Thanks for the reply.
I did both of the suggestions, but still no luck.
My physical adress had 8 pairs of characters. while comodo only allowed me to input 5.
The firewall event list is empty.

I have tried to fully uninstall opera and reinstall opera, still no luck.
I hoped cis should have picked up the torrent connections and give me an option to allow the connection but no such insident appear.
I also have tried to adjust the alert settings, ormally it is on low, but even on high nothing happens.
I also had tried to google for solutions, but the solutions has been for older cis versions and usually for the utorrent client.
opera itself works flawlessly, its just when i try to use the built in torrent client the problem occur.
Before downloading, a window pops up in opera, allowing for test of connection. It states it uses port 18768 like it has done in the previous versions, so nothing new with that part.
Only thing that really changed was me upgrading to cis 5, after that the torren client became blocked.

here is the translated message i get from opera torent client.

Your IP: (Shows my IP adress)

The server sent this error message when it checked whether you can recieve incoming connections through the chosen port.

Server: Time Out

Please check the settings in your firewall.

Also, i am using a static ip adress, and i got a list of numbers to fill in to chose from (ip-adress, mask, gateway, dns 1, and dns 2.

I also tried to input ip adress an mask instead of mac/physical adress without luck.

Finally solved.

Problem was actually in the router.
Did not have to create special rules in CIS at all.
Started to dig in to this, and found that disabeling firewall did not help.
So I started to look elsewere for solutions.

I tried different combinations to set up my router, from port forwarding to port trigging and nothing seemed to work.
Finally, I noticed that the pc showed its IP adress` last digit actually was one up from what was shown and used in the router port forwarding setting.
Dont ask me why.
So i changed the last digit in the router and when i retry the torrent test in opera it finally came up with a message telling me that everything was ok.

Thanks anyway for trying to solve my issue, and I can now confirm that CIS still works flawlessy with everything i install and not to forget it IS able to use the built in torrent client in opera WITHOUT any creation of extra rules.

I recommend everyone to swap to the very good software called comodo internet security, and now i can confirm that event support for the free version is definately availible.