How do I set up comodo firewall V3 to allow Xbox 360?

I am running version 3 of comodo and attempting to connect my 360 to my media center. I have searched extensively for definite instructions but come up with cross links and vague descriptions. Could somebody please post a set of clear, step by step instructions of how to set comodo up to not block a 360. I think this will benefit many people as I have noticed many have asked, and few have said they got it working. Thank you.

I too would love fool-proof instructions on how to properly configure v3 to share media from my PC to my original Xbox (XBMC for SD videos and music) and Xbox360 (HD videos). On the 360 I use media sharing via WMP11, as well as Media Center Extender using Transcode360.

I had everything running fine using v2, but have had no luck with v3. I have everything working now using Windows Firewall with VistaFirewallControl, but I’d much rather use Comodo v3. :wink:

An idiot’s guide to v3 media sharing with XMBC + 360 would be greatly appreciated.