How do I set rules for HIPs in Comodo IS version 6

Hi I’m new to Comodo firewall and I’m trying to figure out how to set rules for HIPs but when I look it up on a search engine it always brings me to your site but the online manual is per-version 6 and since the v 6 has a whole new UI I having some difficulty trying to set rules, can someone please explain how to do this in version 6? ??? :frowning:

  1. Open CIS Main Interface.
  2. Click the “Tasks” button next to the green arrow in the top right.
  3. Expand “Advanced Tasks”
  4. Click “Open Advanced Settings”
  5. In the new window that pops up, expand “Security Settings” in the left menu.
  6. Expand “Defense+” in the left menu.
  7. Expand HIPS in the left menu.
  8. Click “HIPS Rules” in the left menu.
  9. To the right of the left menu you should now see a few pre-defined rules.
  10. To add a new rule either A) Right-click anywhere and click “Add” or B) Click the small arrow at the bottom that points up and then choose “Add”

In the interface of CIS and CFW there is a question mark next to the Minimize, Maximise and Close window buttons (located top right of the window) The question mark will open the help files in your default browser, it will default to the help files for the current page you are on, so if you are in the Anti-Virus page and click the question mark, then it will open the help files for the Anti-Virus in your browser.

Thanks SanyaIV ;D :slight_smile: