How Do I Set "MAC Any"?

I am trying to configure Comodo according to instructions available by my VPN provider. In the instructions they say “Block And Log IP In/Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any”. When looking at Global Rules I cannot figure out how to set MAC to any. In the Source tab when I select Type: MAC Address, it wants me to specify a specific address. I don’t understand. This is what I’m seeing. Please help!

Welcome to the forum.

If you simply create a rule such as:

Action - Block
Protocol TCP or UDP
Direction - Out
Source Address - Any
Destination Address - Any
Source Port - Any
Destination Port - Any

It will create a rule:

Block TCP or UDP Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Source Port is Any And Destination Port is Any

You don’t need to specify the MAC…

Thank You! Support from my VPN has been slow so getting the answer here and not having to wait for them to get back to me is a HUGE help! Thank you very much ;D