How do I set CPF Beta to stealth all of my ports?

After testing CPF Beta at using the Stealth test, I found out that my ports on my computer are showing as closed in stead of Stealth as I’m accustomed to with other firewalls including Windows XP firewall. This is not good. The difference between Closed and Stealth is that a closed port responded to the probe even though it wasn’t penetrated but it is still possible for the port to be penetrated whereas a Stealthed port is invisible and thus more secure. Maybe I’m wrong about this so I stand to be corrected. Feel free to educate me if I am wrong. Two of my ports (80 & 8080) show themselves as open! When testing other firewalls in the past they have always been stealthed and never open. How do I adjust the settings in CPF Beta to stealth my ports?

I connect to the internet through a ADSL Earthlink Modem. I’m running Windows XP SP2 with all available updates. Thanks for any reply.

Hi Internetworld7
If you have a close look at Sygate it actually says the following:

“Ideally your status should be “Blocked”. This indicates that your ports are not only
closed, but they are completely hidden (stealthed) to attackers.”

Hope this has been of some help and that it has alleviated your concerns.


Sygate’s terminology of “Blocked” means stealthed and not closed. Please take the Stealth test and you’ll clearly see what I mean. It is only about a 20 second test. My ports show that they are closed and NOT stealthed which is not the ideal state I’d like for them to be.

CPF can not do anything while your router does not pass packets to it. You need to configure your router because it is not your computer but the router which has thos ports open.

Use ShieldsUp! test on uch more reliable, detailed and precise service for system probing.

Results with Sygates test Quickscan. Look at image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Results with Sygates test Stealthscan. Look at image.

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I also went to and my port 80 was just closed there too, and not stealthed… :frowning:
I did their leaktest too and it passed… (:CLP)

Post a screenshot of Network Monitor rules (also resize columns so we’ll see all the text).

I’ve heard that it is the router that takes the test if you have one. My int. IP is showing in CPF. I don’t know why my port 80 is not stealthed like the others, and i don’t know how to set that up in the router… >:(

Image of network monitor… I’ve tried a lot of rules, but these are the ones i have now…

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Delete the following rules: 3,4,7,8,9,10,11. They are unnecessary. Some even dangerous.

Ok… :-[

Thanks for the screen shot but that test is not the “Stealth” test. I believe that was the quick scan which is different. Please take the stealth test to better understand what I mean.

Yes I see. I just tested it with WindowsXP firewall and the results are the same as comodo. I just recently switched from Cable to DSL and I had assumed that Windows firewall was showing my ports as stealthed the way it did when I had a cable connection.

So how do I go about configuring my modem to stealth my ports? Should I just call up my ISP?

You dont have to call them. Your ADSL modem should have a configuration screen where you can turn on its internal firewall. Try turning it on. If you cant succeed, as a personal computer user, you dont need to worry about anything about this stealthing stuff. Your PC is secure with CPF. Being more careful about internet surfing, file downloading etc. is much much more important from your PCs security point of view than remanining stealth.

But I am sure after playing with your ADSL modems settings, you can do so.


It was the same results with stealth-scan…

Thank you Egemen!
I found it now… I had used some default gaming-rules that opened my port 80. You can choose a game and the default ports the game uses is configured for you. Battlefield 2 has A LOT of ports it uses… more surprising was that port 80 was one of them… I just took port 80 away, and i will see if my children complaines when they play it next time… :o Now the router pass all tests… ;D

I did also put my router in DMZ to test CPF in a more proper way. Now i can see all tests in CPF log… I’m happy to say, that it has passed all tests i have made so far. (:CLP)