How do I set AV update schedule and prevent balloon messages on every update?

  1. My AV updates every 45 minutes, which is a bit often for my liking. How can I set the update interval?

  2. On every update, it brings up a balloon message saying that it is updating, and then another saying that it is done. You have to click on the balloon (or wait for the timeout, which I have set long so I see important messages) to make it go away and allow the taskbar to auto-hide. How do I get rid of only these messages, and not all others?

I’m using CIS Premium v5.10.228257.2253

  1. in the current version there is no way to change the update interval

  2. what you are seeing are balloon messages (these messages show only when your AV is updating or when you have the firewall or defense + in training mode and a new rule is learned), to disable them go to the more tab and click preferences then uncheck show balloon messages.

Yeah, the only way is to switch off all messages, as was already told in the previous post:
More → Preferences → Show balloon messages (uncheck it)

As for frequency of updates - you can only substitute them by your manual updates.

You can’t set an update interval. The only workaround, which I wouldn’t advise, is to disable the automatic update and check manually for update when it suits you best.

You can disable the balloon messages ==> More > Preferences > General > uncheck “Show balloon messages”. Doing so won’t prevent you from getting the alerts (popups) from CIS different components and for CIS program update.

There is a workaround to basically automatically update less frequently.

In the Real Time Scanning settings, disable automatic updates. Leave this option enabled in the Manual Scanning settings.

Then you can create a custom scan profile that only scans a small file, such as a .txt file. Something that will scan instantly.

Now you can add a new scheduled scan that runs this custom scan with lesser frequency. For example, once daily.

Using this method, basically all the new scan you’ve set up is doing, is updating your virus database.

Interesting trick :-TU